Organization Structure

The Council

The Council functions for a period of 4 years and consists of the following committees:
  • The Executive Committee
  • The Examinations Committee
  • The Appointment,Disciplinary and Staff Development Committee

The composition of the Council:
  • The Chairman appointed by the President of the United Republic of Tanzania
  • 12 members appointed by the Minister for Education.

The Secretariat

The Secretariat comprises:
  • The Executive Secretary who is the Chief Executive Officer of NECTA.

  • The Deputy Executive Secretary who is responsible for coordinating and monitoring of all the activities of the Examinations Directorates of NECTA.

  • The Directors who are responsible for successful implementation of the set goals and objectives of NECTA pertaining to their respective directorates.

  • Heads of Sections who are responsible for the successful implementation of the day to day running of their sections.