Information and Communications Technology

The Department of Information and Communication Technology is responsible for handling all matters related to ICT, processing of CA and final examinations data. It is also responsible for releasing examinations results and personalisation of certificates and Notification of Examination Results

Departmental sections, duties and functions are as follows:

ICT services and control section

  • Coordinates and supervises technicians and the helpdesk officer on troubleshooting end-user hardware, operating system, basic network, server access and any other ICT related problems and provide solutions where possible.
  • Ensures the networking infrastructure is running to enable the delivery of services to users.
  • Coordinates the activities of ICT Service 'help desk'
  • Keeps record and job cards for any of maintenance work and repairs.
  • Helping HICTD in reviewing and approving all ICT hardware and software purchase request to ensure they conform to the approved list.
  • To advise the head of ICT department on the training requirements for ICT staff user department staffs and policy amendments in order to reflect current Council demands.
  • Assists systems developers in reviewing system interfaces for data input/output and coordinate the knowledge sharing (transfer of skills) to the ICT technical staffs.
  • To prepare and submit to the head of ICT department on ICT problems reported on monthly basis.
  • Issues passes for ICT equipment leaving the premises for repair or any other reason and if damaged on return investigate and recommend.
  • Prepares action plans and progress reports for the Section.

Systems development section

  • Supervises the development of systems and models at the development unit.
  • Directs, supervises and coordinates all NECTA information technology systems that impact other information system.
  • Coordinates the design and implementation of business applications/systems according to Council’s software development standards.
  • To ensure system and user documentation are in place after systems development.
  • Prepares action plans and reports of the section.
  • Plans and coordinates the testing, debugging and documentation of software developed both internally and externally.
  • Prepares cost benefits and return-on-investment (ROI) reports for management.
  • Conducts detailed methods and system surveys of various NECTA operations with a view to applications improvement.
  • Provides advice to management concerning the use and purchase of computer applications with specific attention to systems analysis and security application tools.
  • Works out plans, guidelines and procedures for security implementation holistically.

Systems administrations section

  • To ensure that all the systems are running smoothly, data backups and the systems guidelines and standards are maintained.

  • Coordinates and supervises the development and maintenance of NECTA website.

  • Directs, supervises and coordinates organization wide information technology system that impacts other information technology operations.

  • Oversees and tracks quality assurance metrics and audits of all information systems, alerts users on various security risks, threats and vulnerabilities.

  • Prepares and administers a fully equipped alternative processing site owned and operated by the Council.

  • Plans and coordinates the disaster recoveries and business continuity processes.

  • Establishes a call tree to be followed in the event of a disaster as well as ensure implementation of IT security policy, system/software validation and verifications.

  • Prepares action plans and progress reports for the section and implements procurement plan for IT security solutions.

  • Leads in identifying system platforms, components and dependencies and make sure that software patches are implemented timely and systems audit are performed on regular basis.

  • Coordinates the distribution of client/server software and service packs.

  • Providing ICT security protections commensurate with the risk and magnitude of the harm resulting from unauthorized use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction of information collected or maintained, or information systems used or operated by or on behalf of the NECTA.

Data communication and infrastructure section

  • Responsible for overall aspects of network administrations.
  • Prepares action plans, progress reports for the section and oversees networks performance and optimization.
  • Supervises installations, configurations and maintenance of the Network.
  • Oversees building of networks and maintenance of external and internal connectivity.
  • Provides assistance to management concerning the use and purchase of computer applications with special attention to network.
  • To oversee the implementation and support of the network infrastructure and technology platforms.
  • Ensures trouble-free delivery of day to day activities, direction and support of all NECTA technical infrastructures.
  • To provide systematic documentation, evaluation and monitoring of current infrastructure systems.
  • To define and provide appropriate network infrastructure technology solutions in support of the on-going NECTA operations and new application requirements and strategic direction.
  • To oversee all network infrastructures, software applications, licensing, procurement and maintenance of all engineering network and service contracts.
  • Ensure proper network system back-ups on internal and external network equipment.
  • To oversee all network infrastructures, software applications, licensing, procurement and maintenance of all engineering network and service contracts.

Data managements and archive section

  • Reviews, analyses, streamlines and documents procedures for data entry and management information systems report generation.
  • Advises head of department on all examination data archives.
  • Monitoring and auditing any candidate information changes approved by management as per examination regulations.
  • Supervises the printing of certificates and notification of examinations results (NER) and various reports as requested by other departments.
  • Coordinates and supervises the processing of examination data and release of results for all examinations administered by NECTA.
  • Assists in reviewing data processing output for accuracy against systems documentation standards and procedures.
  • Supervises and monitors the uploading of continuous Assessment (CA) and Final Examinations (FE) scores for all schools and teachers’ colleges at the NECTA database.
  • Supervises the processing of examination data and release of results for all examination administered by NECTA.
  • Supervises and monitors the amendments of candidate’s data entry record as per specifications.