Information and Communications Technology

The Directorate comprises two sections namely; Information Systems and Data Management and Archives

The functions of the Directorate are:

To oversee the Councilís software systems development, network administration, multimedia, web applications and developments, database administration and systems security

  • To recommend to the management the hardware and software that can help the Council to achieve efficiency and up to date information systems
  • To establish, implement and monitor the Councilís practices for data protection, Internet use, e-mail, security and ICT resource management
  • To maintain hardware, software and the network solutions throughout the Institution and to support users in meeting operational and administrative needs
  • To back up all computers held data with regard to operational and administration issues
  • To prepare and maintain documentation, manual, training materials and user notes
  • To prepare systems, hardware and software maintenance and operational guidelines as required
  • To establish and maintain links with video conferencing systems and other systems of distance learning.
  • To monitor the use of hardware and software and to ensure that all software is licensed
  • To set up security parameters and ensure that all equipments are protected against virus attacks.
  • To comply with policies and procedures relating to protection, health, safety, welfare, security, confidentiality and data protection

To review, analyze, streamline and document procedures for data entry and management information systems report generation

  • To ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all examinations data archives
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