Tuma kwenda namba 15311

Jinsi ya kutuma ujumbe:

  1. Kupata Matokeo:


    matokeo*centre number*candidate number*exam type*exam year

    Mfano :



  2. Kupata Rank:

    Andika: rank*centre number*exam type*exam year

    Mfano : rank* S0101*k4*2014

Gharama kwa SMS ni Tshs 200/=

Huduma hii ni kwa watumiaji wa mitandao ya Tigo,Vodacom na Zantel tu.

Steps for private candidate registration

  1. Go to the center where you want to sit for exam
  2. Get the reference number
  3. Pay the required fee using M-PESA or nearby Post Office
  4. Open an account in our online registration system
  5. Fill out all fields required and submit

To start registration click here

If you have not satisfied with your results, download appeal form and follow instructions on it.
To get appeal form, Click here to download.